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Boutique Law Firm 

Est. at 1975

Specializing in Criminal Law & Litigation, Real Estate & Business



     "Brilliant lawyers with out of the box thinking" Ebram Powell.


               "Vast experience and excellent legal thinking" Paolo Assis

       "Alwayes come to a solution" Nikos Dimitropoulos

                       " Trust, trust, trust" George Katsaris



                  "Value for money all the time" Maria Skanavis




Complex commercial/civil litigation,
asset recovery and debt collection,
civil damages claims,
 administrative dispute resolution, transnational cases, enforcement of foreign judgements.


Due dilligence, property purchase. leasing, estate planning, investment, finance, dispute resolution.


General criminal defence, white collar crime, fraud & asset recovery, bribery & antitrust, money laundering, cyber crime, criminal compliance


Incorporation of companies, business transaction, IP rights & patent, banking law & consumer protection.


Extradition defence, interpol notices, internationa arrest warrant, european arrest warrant, european investigation order, cross-border gathering of evidence, transfer of prisoners.


Golden visa application for property investors of value 250.000 euro or more. 


Introducing our Law Firm

     Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to introduce the services offered by Karydas – Fouskarinis & Associates law firm, prides itself as one of the most successful, experienced and long-standing law offices in Greece. We are a boutique law firm with more than 45 years of experience in judicial law practice before the Greek courts, as well as in advisory practice of individuals, companies and other organizations in a wide range of law areas. Special attention is given to Business law issues, complex and transnational commercial litigation, White-collar/Business Crime issues, immigration, resolution of administrative disputes, as well as business transactions and real estate.

     The main philosophy of the Office includes a personalized and manifold approach of every legal matter combined with a deep knowledge of the law. As we are not a “big” firm, we can adjust easily on client’s demands and develop a personal and trustful relation. To ensure the quality of our legal services we work in close collaboration with Law Professors of Greek and EU Universities, with law offices all over Greece and abroad, as well with other outstanding individuals and entities.

     Regarding your business -and not only- activities we can be a trustful and effective partner with respect to your need for cost-efficiency. We have deep knowledge and experience in national and transnational litigation, transnational transactions, criminal law and immigration.



Ioannis Karydas

Founder of the office

Admitted at Athens Bar Association

Law degree from National & Kapodestrian University of Athens

Postgraduate diploma from Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg i. Br.

Ex professor of criminal law & procedure at Police Academy of Athens

More than 45 y. of experience in front of Greek Courts

Expertise: criminal law, extradition, civil/administrative litigation, real estate.

He has published  legal books and articles on several law journals.

George Fouskarinis

Partner at the law firm

Admitted at Athens Bar Association

Law degree from National & Kapodestrian University of Athens

LLM in Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure & Human Rights from National & Kapodestrian University of Athens

Phd Criminal Law at National & Kapodestrian University of Athens

Visiting Researcher at Max-Planck Institute for Internationa & Comparative Criminal Law (Freiburg i. Br.)

Expertise: criminal law defence, white-collar crime, extradition, civil/commercial litigation, banking law, real estate, human rights.

He publishes regularly on several law journals.

Scientific associate at law Journals.

Theo Spanos

Partner at the law firm

Admitted at Athens Bar Association

Law degree from National & Kapodestrian University of Athens

LLM in Private and Labour Law from National & Kapodestrian University of Athens

Expertise: administrative litigation, immigration & golden visa project, real estate, labour law, business law, investment projects & finance, banking law.

He advises regularly a political Party at Hellenic Parliament.






Main Office: 7 Mavrokordatou Str., Athens - 106 78, 5th floor

Sub-Office: 13 Rizari Str., Athens - 116 34, 1st floor

Tel.: +30 2103804862

Mob.: +30 6978156761

Languages: Greek, English, German

Contact: George Fouskarinis

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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Recent cases

- Succesfull challenge of Interpol Red Notice issued from South Korea for public property destruction.
- Expert legal opinion on Greek law in front of US (Florida) court about extradition procedure to Greece for homicide.
- Succesful defence of drug dealing charges and criminal organiszation on several occasions.
- Annulment of conviction from the Supreme Court for defamation and
- Legal advice on deportation procedure from USA to Albania and transfer of prisoner.
- Legal advice regarding extradition proceeding to Israel for money laundering.
- Succesful defence of bribery and fraud against public revenue charges on several occasions.
- Legal advice regarding european arrest warrant proceeding to France for fraud.
- Expert legal opinion on Greek law in front of UK (london) court about deportation procedure to Greece.
- Legal advice on money laundering compliance and freezing of assets on several occasions. 
- Succesful annulment of illegal mortgages from major bank on property in Athens centre of value at least 1.000.000 euro
- Legal advice on lawsuit for fraud of 800.000 euro.
- Succesful and efficient handling of hundreds of golden visa application projects for property investors.
- Legal advice on hotel purchase on South Greece.
- Legal advice on dozens of property purchase transactions on Athens.
- Legal advice on lawsuit against major construction company for personal injury claim.
- Legal advice on lawsuit and criminal complaint against shipping company for personal injury claim.
- Debt collection of 170.000 euro on behalf of UK export company.
- Debt collection of 110.000 euro of business loan.
- Legal advice on IP rights transaction & infringment on several occasions.
- Legal advice on establishment of REIC property investment companies.
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